Chapel Brook Falls

Ashfield, MA 390K

Chapel Brook Falls is one of those locations where hundreds of cars pass over its bridge and don't realize the beauty beneath. If you stop, you'll see that Chapel Brook flows beneath the road, down stream is where you locate (3) waterfalls. The first waterfalls are two sloping cascades, each being not much more than 10-15' in height, but certainly adding their presence to the serenity of this location. The lowest fall being 25' in height, is the largest and most dynamic of the series. Well worth your effort of stopping your car and walking a easy 100 yards.

Chapel Ledge is also worth checking out, for a wonderful view. The hike to its summit is about .5 mile or 25 minutes. You could scale the facing cliff, this a very popular technical climbing location for advanced or beginning rock clmbing enthusiasts.

GPS Coordinates

42° 28' 58 "N ..... 72° 45' 33" W


1187 ft. above sea level


Operated by Trustees of the Resevation, free admission. No camping. Dogs to be leashed. Swimming is not encouraged

Directions to Chapel Brook Falls

Traveling Rt-116 east through Ashfield into South Ashfield, at the sharp bend in Rt-116, take Williamsburg Road south for 2.2 miles. You'll notice a Trustees of The Reservation sign for Chapel Ledges, park here or across the road where a small lane is located.