Doane's Falls #1

Royalston, MA 400K

Doane's Falls consists of 5 different falls located on the lower portion of Lawrence Brook just prior to joining into Tully Lake Recreation area. The falls are named after Amos Doane who developed the area in the 1800's manufacturing doors and sashes.   Like many falls in New England, utilization of the falls as power for grist mills or sawmills date back to 1753, many old foundations and mill stones may still be seen on the property. These falls have excellant accessibility year around making winter viewing of natures ice sculptures easy. As mentioned there are 5 distinct falls with about .3 of a mile of trail down one side allowing access the lowest waterfall readily. A cable railing is in place in certain locations. As with many waterfalls of this caliber, swimming is not allowed here, previous drowning and death have curtailed such activities due to the waters power or diving on hidden obstacles. However, nature study, fishing, hiking, photography and picnics are encouraged.
GPS Coordinates

42° 38' 58" N...... 72° 12' 05" W


794 ft. above sea level


Operated by Trustees of the Reservation, admission free. Camping, fires and swimming are prohibited.

Doanes Falls Royalston, MA

Off Rt-2 in Athol take exit 17 and then Rt-32 north into Athol center for 2.5 mile. In the center of Athol, after you cross the Millers River Bridge bear right off Rt-32 while staying with the main flow of traffic, you should be on Chestnut Hill Avenue. Remain on this Avenue for 4 miles. You'll come to a parking area near the stone bridge.  Trustees of the Reservation sign is apparent. There are about 5 waterfalls here.