Glendale Falls

Middlefield, MA 350K

This waterfall is noted for overflowing its banks during the spring thaw but, later being reduced to a trickle during the summer months. Glendale Falls is essentially a series of cascading waterfalls strung together, several having 15-20 foot drops giving the viewer a variety of different encounters depending on the various water flow. You can only experience the entire waterfall by walking down to its bottom which can differcult to do during the months of Winter or early Spring due to ice and slippery hillside. As with most New England waterfall sites, old stone foundations of early industrial useage of the water power can seen at the top and across the stream. Evidence of sluice way and a hand laid stone foundations are here, although next to impossible to access during high water or high flow periods. Summer finds sun bathers at the bottom, as well as a pool for a refreshing splash. Again, depending on what time of year and what your desires are, Glendale Falls is one site that can satisfy.
GPS Coordinates

42° 21' 02" N ..... 72° 57' 57" W


1280 ft. above sea level

several cascades 150' drop total


Operated by Trustees of the Reservation, all rules and requests enforced. Free admission, swimming not encouraged, no camping allowed.

Directions to Glendale Falls

From Peru center, follow Rt-143 east for 3.8 miles. Turn right onto River Road in West Worthington, follow this road for 5.5 miles and turn right onto Clark Wright Road. Go uphill for .4 of a mile, just before a small bridge you'll notice the Trustees of the Reservation sign at the opening of a parking lot with room for several cars.