Gunn Brook Falls

Sunderland, MA 380K

Gunn Brook Falls is another one of those incredible easy waterfalls to visit, you can literally drive to the brink of the falls in your vehicle. It is also one of those falls located nearby and allows one to slip away from the hustle of daily living grid to slow down and enjoy that waterfalls produced in the "white noise" relaxation zone. The falls are more impressive viewed from the bottom and usually have a good water flow over 2 blocks each a good 15-18 feet high.
GPS Coordinates

42° 29' 49" NN.... 72° 33' 34" W


259 ft. above sea level


Waterfall is on unposted private property. I'd assume no fires or camping would be the rule.  Swimming is really not applicable.

Directions to Gunn Brook Falls Sunderland, MA

From the center of Sunderland where Rt-116 crosses Rt-47, take Rt-47 north. After 1.4 miles at fork in the road, bear left off Rt-47onto Falls Road. You'll drive almost 1 mile, Chad Pond, a small pond will be on your right. Turn right where the pond ends onto a unnamed dirt road. Drive behind the pond and up a slight hill for .2 of a mile. The falls will be on you right 20’ from the road at the top of hill where road levels out.