Roaring Brook (lower)

Leverett, MA 500K

Roaring Brook originates from the water shed off of Mt Toby State Forest located mostly in Sunderland. There are a total of (3) waterfalls on Roaring Brook. The upper falls is a small 10' plunge and the middle falls is an impressive 2 tier drop of 20-25 feet, both of which are in Shunderland. The lower Roaring Brook Fall (shown here) just falls over the boundry into Leverett and has a drop of 30'. Since no standing body of water is above feeding these falls, the winter thaw would be the best time to visit these, although I also imagine good periods of rain could also provide spectacular scenes.
GPS Coordinates

42° 29' 23" N .... 72° 31' 19" W


495 ft. above sea level


Short easy hike from parking area.

 Private parking area requests small donation to park.