Bellevue Falls.  Adams, MA (300 K)
Bellevue Falls is a small, but popular local waterfall for sunning and as a swimming hole. However, swimming is at ones own risk, for no life guard is present. Jumping into the pool from the rocky shore is also probably not recommended, for a cross and small shrine has been noticed here for a teenager who evidently perished. Located on Dry Brook, the swimming hole can dry up during a hot stretch of summer weather to a mere trickle of water. Presently, there are no postings in this area. Parking and access to the falls has been mainly allowed by the cemetery authority. I'd suggest that to maintain this allowance, parking without damaging or rutting up the grassy area and taking out ones trash, will assist in keeping this area clean preventing closure or loss of access to this area. Several smaller wading pools are located up stream.
GPS Coordinates

42° 36' 06" N ..... 73° 07' 32" W


932 ft. above sea level


Not posted, swimming not "Authorized " but is popluar

Bellevue Falls Directions From the center of Adams at the junction Rt-116 & Rt-8, take Rt-8 south for .8 of a mile, turn left onto Leonard Street (large old granite bldg. on corner) follow Leonard Street bearing left for .2 of a mile, just over a small bridge you'll turn right onto Bellevue Ave which will lead you into the Bellevue Cemetery. Bear right with entry into the cemetery, take another right on the “circle” at the 1 o'clock position, keep to the right for another .1 of a mile. You should see a worn grassy parking area, no graves here at this time. The trail to the falls is down a short but steepish trail reaching the falls not much further than 100 yards.