Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler

Campbell Falls State Park. (370K)

New Marlborough, MA

Campbell Falls "Good things come in small "Parcels." The state land parcel for Campbell Falls State Park is only 3 acres and was primarily developed to protect this jewel of a waterfall. Located in New Marlborough, Massachusetts MA right on the border where Canaan and Norfolk, Connecticut abut. This waterfall may be a little tough to locate on the twisty rural roads. It is well worth the persistence to locate the parking area and trail head for the short 300 yard walk, down a moderately steep path, to its base. Located on the Whiting River, the falls provides an impressive display as it funnels torrents of water in a two stage drop of 75 feet joining Ginger Creek a short distance away. Operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Admission is free.

GPS  Coordinates

42° 02' 044'' N

73° 13' 059'' W


A two stage 35'/20' plunge

1008 ft. above sea level


Public access with dirt parking area seasonally accessible.

Short moderate hike on woodland trail.

No fires or camping.

Swimming not applicable



Campbells Falls is a 4 star and 4 season location. With Spring run-off providing a thundering cascade, summer providing a cool location, fall is colorful and winter is surreal as the waterfall often appears frozen in time. However, there are no panoramic vistas here. While Connecticut does manage an abutting 100 acre state park, hiking trails are limited. The beauty of Campbell Falls is the solitude one discovers shortly after arriving at its base. Isolated from traffic and congestion, along with the constant "white noise" the abstraction of falling water creates an environment allowing one to slip into a meditative state called relaxation!