Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler

North Adams Cascades. - North Adams, MA

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Although located within a short distance of the downtown North Adams and surrounded by residential neighborhoods, the Cascades provides an unexpected remoteness of hemlock forest and is a refreshing 3/4 of a mile moderate hike to the falls area.  While the trails is basically flat and improved trail, the last 100 yards is the roughest and requires traversing slippery and steep hillside. Once there, you can view the falls from a distance or during the summer months make your way over rock and log to enter the chasm where the falls creates a small pool. However, the rocks are slippery and during high water Spring run-off approching the falls in this manner is risky. I'm really not sure why they are named the "Cascades " for the main falls are two sets of block segments that fan out and plunge 30 - 35 feet in each segment.
GPS  Coordinates

42° 41' 004'' N

73° 07' 052'' W


Two 30-35' block segments

1972 ft. above sea level


Legal public parking and trail head at end of Marion Street, North Adams.

Moderate hiking on woodland trail.

No fires or camping. Swimming not applicable.