Hudson's Chasm / Natural Bridge
North Adams, MA 425K
The natural beauty of Hudson Chasm as well as the commercial history of its quarry and unique marble dam, provides the visitor of this local an afternoon of exploration. The chasm and natural bridge was created by the erosive waters of Hudson Brook through the marble rock leaving a deep twisty path. Stairways and chain link fence provide access to various viewing points which otherwise would be dangerous or risky to approach.  Since 1891, early uses of marble for monuments and gravestones, fireplaces, door steps or other building materials, plus the marbles proximity next to water, found Hudson's Chasm commercial uses valuable and extremely productive. As much as 200 tons of marble was being mined daily. In 1947, a fire destroyed many of the buildings, the present owner at that Hoosac Marble Company time sold the property to Edward Elder who operated the property as a tourist enterprise. After his death in 1984, the Department of Environmental Management purchased the property in 1985 and is presently operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.  Their enhancements include a picnic arean and visitors center with rest room facilities.

GPS Coordinates

42° 42' 28" N .....7° 35' 34" W


978 ft. above sea level


Public access.  

Small fee may be charged in Summer.

Directions for Hudson’s Chasm/ Natural Bridge State Park.

North Adams, MA Quick and easy to visit by driving north on Rt-2/8 from North Adams, bear left off Rt-2 following Rt-8 to Clarksburg. Drive approximately .5 of a mile, turn left after the large Mill and bear right at the gate for Natural Bridge. The gate will be closed during off season, during the Summer season a parking fee may be requested. If the gate is closed you can hike the .3 mile up the paved road.