Otis Reservoir Falls. Tolland State Forest, Otis, MA
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The unique roar and display of Otis Reservoir Falls is readily observed during late fall and into the winter months. The waterfall source is the discharge from the Otis Reservoir above. In preperation of the winter freezing, the reservoir is drawn down until the Spring thaw when the discharge gate is closed and reservoir is refilled. Then the falls dry up. A startling contrast and reversed perception while other waterfalls are awaking with fresh winter run-off

Gps Coordinates

42° 09' 034'' N

73° 03' 30'' W


75-80' plunge block

1404 ft. above sea level


Public access.

Short easy hike, semi-woodland trail.

Public campground /recreation area nearby. .

Directions to Otis Reservior

Located within Tolland State Forest these falls are easy to access and provide a thunderous show when flowing. From the center of Otis, travel 3 miles south on Rt-8, turn left onto Reservoir Road, travel 1.6 miles and turn right onto Tolland Road. Another .8 miles brings you to the Otis Reservior Dam. Park in small dirt pull off before dam. A small path leads one to the brink of the falls.