Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler
Scherremerhorn Gorge. October State Forest.
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Scherrmerhorn Gorge is not the most impressive or exciting of waterfalls. However, it is a unique location and is popular for the ease of access and part of a trail to Felton Lake. Access is via the dirt road which is part of the western boundary of October State Forest in Lenoxdale. The road runs parallel to the Housatonic River and is part of the Housatonic River Valley State Wildlife Management area. Access from the north is the continuance of East New Lenox Road where the pavement ends or from the south, at Woods Pond and bearing right. The Gorge/Falls is situated approximately 150 yards from the road and is at the beginning of a trail that walks up to Felton Lake. From the southern access at Woods Pond, travel around the lake and you'll pass a "paved" road coming down from October State Forest. Stay on the dirt road and travel from this intersection 1/3 of a mile, a small and old cement bridge with pipe railings crosses the road. This is where the stream and trail can be seen, it is not very well marked. Just follow the stream up 100 - 150 yards.
GPS  Coordinates

42° 21' 025'' N

73° 14' 007'' W


Two 10-15' - block segments

1106 ft. above sea level


Public access and trail head on improved dirt road .

Short moderate hike on woodland trail.

No fires or camping. Swimming not applicable.