Twin Cascades

Florida, MA 400K

With Twin Cascades you get two waterfalls for the price of one. At the base of the Falls you can look right to view a (3) tiered waterfall fed by Cascade Brook, and then just look left and for another equally magnificent waterfall cascading down its hillside. They are located .3 of a mile behind the Hoosac Tunnel. Originally this was a dam located here at their base, there are remenants of the dam and piping prehaps as a water supply to operate steam driven equipment during the construction of the infamous tunnel. The dam is now filled with rocks and silt. In addition, there is a smaller waterfall below which is seen half way as you walk in from the tunnel portal.
Twin Cascades (lower)
GPS Coordinates

42° 40' 35" N ...... 73° 00" 08" W


1040 ft. above sea level


Twin Cascades are not maintained by any organization , the trails are narrow and good hiking boots are recommended. There are no markings, stairs or ladders to assist hikers. Swimming is not applicable. While the falls have no posting, access from the Hoosac Tunnel portal is posted. Other "Bushwhacking" access points will encounter steep 50° to 65° slopes or greater and slippery moss covered rocks. Your at the bottom of a steep ravine, use common sense and caution liberally

Twin Cascades Falls Florida, MA

From the top of Whitcomb Summit, Florida, MA take Rt-2 east for .5 of a mile, turn left onto Monroe Road/Whitcomb Hill Road, take your 1st right and follow Whitcomb Hill Road downhill (1.9 miles) to where it joins River Road. Turn Left on River Road and drive .5 miles, park at the railroad crossing on the Deerfield River Catch and release area.

The railroad tracks are posted and prohibit entry into the tunnel or tresspassing on the railroad tracks in general. There are frequent freight trains through the tunnel in both directions. Massachusetts State and local police will enforce the no tresspassing. Out of sight ids out of mind.

The trail access to the falls, is located to the right and behind the Hoosac Tunnel portal. At the beginning and to the right of the portal is a stream, old dam and sluiceway. Crossing over the old dam you'll pick up the trail, it will follow high and on the left side of the stream to the falls in .3 of a mile.