Umpachene Falls

New Marlborough, MA 325k

In commemoration of Chief Umpachene, Umpachene Falls Park consists of 5 acres where the KonKapot and Umpachene rivers join. Donated by the Robert Wheeler family it is maintained for the people of New Marlborough and guests. The falls consist of a couple of 10'-12' blocks with a cascade and can be spectacular during spring thaw. Swimming or wading is permitted, but no life guards are provided with everything at one's own risk. The park closes at 8 p.m. with simple rules and requests including no alcohol or glass bottles. Judging by the clean and litter free picnic and swimming area I'd say most people abide by these simple requests. As requested, "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but foot prints"

GPS Coordinates

42° 05' 37" N...... 73° 16' 17" W

Site Elevation

803 ft. above sea level


Operated by the Town of New Marlborough the park provides a swimming and picnic area for its residents, although short visits to the falls are permitted to non-residents.

Directions to Umpachene Falls

From the Mill River secton of New Marlborough head south and turn right onto Mill River Rd, travel 1.4 miles and the 1st left onto a dirt road, downhill and over a small 1 lane bridge finds you at the cabled gate of the park.