Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler Windsor Jambs State Park. Windsor, MA (350K)
Windsor Jamb's location is readily accessible via hiking from the lower camping and recreation area or by vehicle to a parking lot just a stone's throw from the upper part of the jambs. However, access to the cascading rapids due to the sheer and steep rock gorge that the "jambs" flows through aptly earns its name. The height of the walls become higher as one procedes downstream. A chain link fence follows the length on one side preventing those from falling. Although, another variant to its spelling refers to the "Jams" being unsuitable for logging due to the log jams created by the narrowing gorge.
GPS  Coordinates

42° 31' 026'' N

73° 59' 034'' W


1558 ft. above sea level


Public access. Moderate hiking on woodland trail/fire road.

Fires, swimming, camping and recreation area near by.