Coos Canyon Byron, ME

Easy road access to this unique recreation area of granite walls, potholes and a forceful waterfall. Located on the Swift River the canyon begins with a powerful 8' waterfall bloc and narrows into a granite walled channel a few hundred yards long.

Swift Falls is located 6 miles south of Coos Canyon on Rt-17.

GPS Coordinates

44° 43’ 14”N 70° 37’ 55” W


911 ft. above sea level


Road side access. Coos Canyon is railed off to prevent unauthorized access and safety. Picnic area and parking off Rt-17. Swimming is not authorized .


Follow the Swift River north, heading out of Mexico on Route-17, Coos Canyon is 14 miles north. In first 6 miles you'll be entering into Frye, continue for another 8 miles. On the east side of Rt-17 on the corner, at the junction Weld or Byron Road is the recreation area of Coos Canyon