Swift River Falls. Roxbury, Maine
While not the tallest, nor the most powerful seen, Swift Falls is unmatched in the catagory of accessiblity . What appears to operate on a voluntary site maintenance program, is a reminder to pick your mess and if need be other trash to keep such locations open and free of intervenion from local administation. Often "No Parking" being the first measure of prevention of trashy or problemmatic locations. These falls have a really quite powerful flow of water. I'd quess a class 5 rapid kayaking site. Short and sout falls aprroximatly 6' to 8' tall jamming a the river's water flow between a few large granite boulders creating (3) channels of swiftly moving water that merge into a single channel of churning dynamic flow which cascading a bit over 2 ledges into a larger pool at the end.
GPS Coordinates

44° 38’ 33”N 70° 35’ 18” W


661 ft. above sea level


Road side access. Not posted, swimming not "Authorized " but is popular swim hole and sun bayhing on the rocks. Swift current and rock. No life gaurd present.


Follow the Swift River north, heading out of Mexico on Route-17. In 6 miles you'll be entering into Frye, continue for another 1.3 miles to a worn road side pull-off for several cars located right on the west side of Rt-17, on the river and at the falls.