Arethusa Falls
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Located in Crawford Notch State Park and being touted as the states tallest waterfall makes this is a very popular destination. Off of RT-302 just . 4 of a mile east of the state run Dry River Campground, a small parking area is located at the end of the road with a larger area just as one turns onto the road. The trail head is found just over the railroad tracks adjacent to a private residence. The Conway Scenic Railway is still operational, so trains do utilize the tracks. From here the falls are approximately 1.4 miles in, the Arethusa Falls Trail which is the most direct has blue markings. Another trail the Bemis Brook Tail has yellow markings, this side trail has two additional but smaller waterfalls, Bemis and Coliseum Falls and rejoins with the Arethusa Falls Trail. Both trails are moderate to strenuous in hiking. Allow 3 hours round trip.

GPS Coordinates

44° 08’ 48”N 71° 23’ 31” W


1588 ft. above sea level


Falls are extremely popular hiking attraction, wading or under the falls shower are the only swimming here. Rocks are slippery.

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