Beecher Cascades - Crawford Depot
Under Construction

Trailhead for this small, but pristine cascade is located behind the Crawford Depot Station. The station is located off RT-302, heading west . 3 of a mile from the Crawford Notch State Park boundry. From the depot cross the railway tracks and enter the woodland. Within a short distance you’ll encounter a fork in the trail, to the left the trail continues to Mt. Willard. You’ll bear right and within short distance encounter a stream, Beecher cascade is located up stream from here. Continue across the stream and within 100 yards up the trail, on our left follow secondary trail(s) to discover Beecher Cascade. Continue working up stream on these secondary trails to find Pearl Cascades a short distance above Beecher Cascades. Allow 1 hour round trip.

GPS Coordinates

42° 12’ 59”N 71° 24’ 59” W


2060 ft. above sea level


No swimming pools here

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