Pitcher Falls - Albany
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Trailhead parking is located west on RT-112 a.k.a. the Kancamagus Hwy, off Rt-16 in Conway. Head west on Rt-112, you’ll first pass Lower Falls on Swift River and then Rocky Gorge scenic areas, both on your right. After 11 miles, a paved parking area will be on your left. The National Forest parking fees are in effect here. The 1. 5 mile hike is moderate to strenuous, with steeper sections in the last 1/2 mile. On your left, a sign indicates a small spur to the Champney Fall area, the main trail will continue to the summit of Mt Chocorua. Pitcher Falls is part of the same ledge as lower Champney Falls and is 100 yards east. A third falls or upper Champney Falls is just above the lower. Allow 3 hours for round trip.

GPS Coordinates

43° 58’ 25”N 71° 16’ 55” W


1877 ft. above sea level


swimming is not an option

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