Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler
"Gorgeous Gorges and Waterfall tour of Northern Berkshire County " May 22, 2004
First stop at Wahconah Falls. Dalton, MA (above) Jan and I recently had the privilege of escorting 46 people to 5 Berkshire County State Parks: Wahconah Falls, Windsor Jambs, Tannery Falls & Parker Brook Falls, "The Natural Bridge" (also known as Hudson's Chasm) and Pecks Falls

As part of a federal grant administered through the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation through its Bureau of Interpretive Services, a Peter Pan Coach toured the back roads of Berkshire County, a commendable challenge for the Driver.

An unusal sight for the Tannery Falls parking area. (above)
Developed and Coordinated by Alec Gillman of the Mt. Greylock Visitors Center in Lanesborough, MA the tour began promptly at 8 a.m. The group consisted of all ages and was prepared for inclement weather, overcast skies threaten to rain all day, but nearly a drop was felt during this 9 hour tour. At first, one would think of the low light from overcast skies a dilemma for waterfall photography. However, the diffused low light allows the use of slow shutter speeds with low contrast ratios between shadows and highlights, this provides rich color and allows that misty effect of falling water as seen below.

Young and old, walking sticks and umbrellas, from Boston and the Berkshires. A wonderful and successful tour for waterfall enthusiasts.
Windsor Jambs. Windsor, MA
Tannery Falls. Savoy, MA
Parker Brook Falls. Savoy, MA
Alec Gillman discussing highlights at the Natural Bridge. North Adams, MA
Pecks Falls (lower) Adams, MA
Pecks Falls (upper) Adams, MA
Parker Brook Falls. Savoy State Forest. Savoy, MA
Tannery Falls. Savoy State Forest. Savoy, MA