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   Christy N. Butler *** Vietnam *** U.S. Air Force.

Ssgt. 42153, A.G.E., DaNang AFB, 1971-1972                                                                     

       The aircraft of the Army ,Navy, Marines and Air Force always provide superior defensive &
offensive combat support,  keep logistical supplies flowing,  provide tactical surveillance and many
successful search and rescue missions.   The 366 Fighter Interceptor Squadron flew F-4 Phantom's
fighters for B-52 bomber escorts,  "Fat Albert" the super sized C-5 cargo aircraft is shown here
utilized for the first time during the l972 April "Spring Offensive" mounted by the North Vietnamese.
Air Bases such as Da Nang were popular targets for the  mortar and 122 rocket barrages and had
become known as "Rocket City" due the volume and frequency of attacks.
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