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Robert J. Whipple *** U.S. Army *** Germany 1960-1963


On August 1, 1960 Bob entered the Army. After Basic Infantry Training at Fort Dix, NJ. he sailed to Germany on the U.S.S. Rose to Swazbish Hall, south of Stoutgrat. He was attached to 3rd of the 37th Field Artillery "Seven Steps to Hell!" In the tedium of the "Cold War" Bob found playing "tischtennis" or "table tennis" in the recreation room helped past the time. During a West German challanage he proceeded to demonstrate his proficiency and for the Army became an "Ambassador of Ping Pong" touring Europe with 5 US Army members and the West Germany team . In 2500 Diplomatic and Exhibition tournaments, including Chinese and East Germany teams, Bob only lost 49 out of his 600 matches! Discharged, Specialist 4th Class (E-4) August 1, 1963.
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