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Stuart L. Chipman *** U.S. Army *** Korea 1967-1969
At the age of 23, Stu was drafted into the U.S. Army during August of 1967, transferred to Fort Dix in New Jersey for basic training and contiuned with Advanced Infantry Training, A.I.T. until December 1967. Although the Vietnam War was escalating at this time, he was selected to serve with the 7th "Hourglass" Infantry Division serving in South Korea for 14 months. He became a "Truck Master" servicing and driving a variety of vehicles, trailers and jeeps with Company B, 7th Supply & Transport of the 7th Infantry Division at "Camp Casey" located in Tong Du Chon, South Korea which is north of Seoul near the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea. Discharged in March 1969.

While Stu never served in the U.S. Navy, he grew up next to the Naval Air Station in South Weymouth, MA. Noted for their LTA's or Lighter Than AirShips the mammoth hangar that housed the various blimps was a noted landmark on the South shore of Massachusetts. Collected from various sources, Stu has been active in keeping the legacy of this now defunct air base alive and seeks any additional photos or information that former airmen and officers from the base may have while serving at the South Weymouth Naval Air Facility.
While "Blimps"or L.T.A. ships are no longer utilized, they were very successful during WWII escorting convoys and patrolling the coast of the Eastern United States in anti-submarine operations. Their ability to stay aloft for several days, hover and maintain the slower speeds of ships in convoys were traits no other aircraft of the time could duplicate.


The Naval Air base at South Weymouth was established in 1942 and remained active until the 1990's. Of dominant interest is Hangar 1, the 2nd largest of its kind (no central supports) in the world! Covering (8) acres, it was 956' long, 259' wide, 191' high and could house (6) ZPG Blimps. Making way for conventional aircraft runways, a similar hangar was demolished in 1951, Hangar 1 was dismantled in 1966-1967.
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Next are a few Vintage Aircraft photos that Stu's Dad photographed in 1927.

In the Summer of 1927, Charles Lindbergh and “Spirit of St. Louis” toured 92 cities in 48 states. The seven photos compiled here were taken by Frederick Vernon Chipman Jr. who was present on July 24, 1927 when Charles Lindbergh and the “Spirit of St. Louis” touched down at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
On July 24, 1927 while attending a public reception in
honor of Charles Lindbergh and the “Spirit of St. Louis”
on Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Frederick Vernon Chipman
snapped a few photos of a Fokker VII named “Old Glory.”
This aircraft would shortly be involved in a tragic attempt
to cross the Atlantic Ocean on September 6, 1927.
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