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Samuel Katz *** U.S.Army *** WWII 1944-1945


Sam served as a Sargent with the Army's 149th Engineer Combat Battalion attached to the 29th Infantry. Basic Training was at Camp Chabourn, Louisiana, AIT at Camp McCain, Mississippi and shipped to Paighton, England in 1944. Their outstanding performance in "Operation Overlord" D-Day, June 6, 1944 at Omaha Beach reads as follows:
"...during the assault phase of the invasion of occupied Europe, the assigned mission was to clear, organize, develop and operate the assault landing beach sectors in order to insure the rapid movement of personnel, supplies and vehicles across the beach, and to clear and develop a beach exit... A stubborn enemy firmly held and defended strong points being made up of concrete pill boxes, gun emplacements, and connecting trenches. Heavy artillery, mortar, machine gun and small-arms fire on the troops on the beach was maintained from these positions. Despite the heavy enemy resistance the 149th Engineer Combat Battalion went immediately ashore clearing a path through the minefield and underwater hazards. Several times joining the infantry reducing the enemy strong points and snipers on the face of the cliff. The outstanding heroism, courage and skill of the men of the 149th Engineer Combat Battalion in successfully completing its assigned mission materially contributed to the successful establishment of the Omaha beachhead on D-Day."
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