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Robert G. Shindler *** U.S. Army *** WWII 1943-1946


With 40 other Pittsfield area men Bob entered into the Army on March 17, 1943. Of this group, 32 were selected to form the 776th Anti Aircraft and Artillery, Automatic Weapons Battalion. They received basic training at Camp Davis, North Carolina. Further advanced weaponry and live fire training of the 40mm canons and 50 caliber "Quad 50's took place at Camp Fisher. Their 1st overseas assignment found them guarding Falmouth and Plymouth harbors in England from German Aircraft and landed in France in July 1944. The "Liberty Bell Battalion" is credited in destroying many aircraft protecting critical bridges, airfields and railroads as the Allied Forces advanced across France, with VJ Day finding them on the Rhine River in Germany. He was discharged January 8, 1946.
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