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Elmer W. Johnson *** U.S. Army *** Vietnam 1968-1969
Private First Class Elmer Johnson of the U.S. Army served with the 3rd of the 82 Artillery while in Vietnam from 1968-1969. Although many of his Polaroid images have long since faded, a poem he wrote while in the service create's many images that have not faded.


"Ricochet Eyes"
Looking into those ricochet eyes;
trying to find a reason not to hide;
from the reality of fear that still exist inside;
The mirror reflects the thousand yard stare;
protecting the visions from people who didn't know or care.
Defending the conscience
of unreasoned warfare;
behind those eyes of
ravaged despair.
To see is to see
when not being blind
but to hide the pain and rage
to keep life in line.
Repressed depression embedded
deep within;
a passion looking for an
permitting only a glance
into those eye of tension.
If someone were to see
beyond the powers of convicted lies.
They may see the truth behind
those ricochet eye.
By Elmer W. Johnson


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