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Arthur W. Brule *** U.S. Army *** Korea 1950-1953
Art was in the Massachusetts National Guard when he was activated for "Active Duty" on March 28, 1950 as the Korea War was beginning. Basic training at Fort Dix, N.J. became a Radio, Communications Specialist and assigned to Korea with Headquarters Communications, 5th RTC, (Regimental Combat Team,) 24th Infantry. He strung and pulled wire throughout Korea, from Pusan to crossing the Yellow River 3 times as the U.S. and NATO forces had ping pong offensives and counter-offensives with North Korean and Chinese Nationalist Forces. A Special Forces Captain handed him a film and camera and this is what Art used till it broke and was given a burial at sea while returning to the USA on the U.S.S. General Pope.

Basic Training Fort Dix, N.J. March 1950.


Somewhere in Korea September, 1950-August 1951

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