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Walter W. Schroeder *** U.S. Navy *** WWII 1943-1946


During WWII the U.S.S. South Dakota steamed over 246,970 miles throughout the Pacific Campaign and into Tokyo Bay providing Naval fire support along the way. Battleships of this class touted the 16" gun batteries which hurled explosive 2200 lb. projectiles over 22 miles. Walt was a Lt. Commander and Gunnery Officer on board the battleship, responsibilities were the readiness and fire control of the Anti-Aircraft Armament-AAA gun batteries. Unique to his other responsibilities in overseeing the operations of a battleship 's 2600-3000 man crew, included its Naval Photographer Mates.
Using 4x5 Speed Graphic and Hasselblad camera's, Naval Photographers Mate's documented events and the environments that this crew of the USS South Dakota operated under. These retained photos show the historical, lifestyle or situations these men encountered.
The U.S.S. South Dakota "Battleship X" 1943-1945
Mog-Mog Isle, Ulithi Atoll 1943
Guam Island 1944
At Sea
Japan -August 1945
Toyko Harbor, August, 1945
On Board the U.S.S.Missouri, September 2, 1945
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