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Charles "Gus" Clucas*** U.S. Navy ***WWII 1942-1945


    During World War II, as a Bombardier/ Navigator, Gus logged over 1209 flight hours and made 213 carrier landings aboard the U.S.S. Santee in the Atlantic Ocean, then the U.S.S. Wasp and U.S.S.Lexington in the Pacific Ocean. From July 1942 to December 1943 he served on the U.S.S. Santee with the VSG-29 Squadron. During the North African campaign he flew in SBD-5 aircraft on scouting and reconnaissance missions. Later with Torpedo Squadron VT-86 he flew many missions in TBF's against the Japanese across the Pacific from September 1944 to September 1945. Unique images taken are his "Supply Drop" to Batann and Corregidor P.O.W.'s in Japan informing them that the war was over!
U.S.S. Santee Sept. 1942-Dec. 1943
Crossing the Equator on USS Santee Jan. 1947
For "Polliwog's"( first timer's,) crossing the ocean's 180' meridian in the Navy, is a time of the tradition's, initiation's and ritual's of King Neptune. All seamen, officers, including the Captain "must"
participate to appease the Supreme Ruler of the Oceans. Divine judgment and instruction from seasoned Seamen determine what these maybe for the amusement of King Neptune and his Court.
Torpedo-Bomber-Fighter (TBF) Navy VT-86 Squadron
U.S.S. Wasp September 1944-1945
"Supply Drop" to P.O.W's Nagoya, Japan August 1945
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