**** ShoeBox Photos ****

Somewhere sitting on a closet shelf is a shoe box filled with photographs of G.I.'s, their daily lives, documents, environments and situations only those images can display. ShoeBox Photos is a project to digitize all Veterans Photos, archive them, prevent them from fading out of existence and present them in the light that they were taken.

So, if you or have a Dad, Mom, Spouse, Sis or Brother who has this Shoe Box of negatives, photos, 8mm movies, I would like to see them and document them for generations to come. I am not looking for blood&guts, body count or action shots. Those images of daily life, ho hum, day.. by.. day.. by.. day lifestyle which was routine then , is history now.

Contributions are invited from all Men and Women Veterans with any number of ShoeBox Photos from all tours, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, Cold War, Isolated duty, USA, Army Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc.

Comments, Corrections, Contributions Welcomed

Christy Butler **** (413) 743-4326 **** butts@bcn.net

All screens best viewed in 800x600 resolution and utilize a  progressive JPEG  format. Photos are encoded with copyright, and information in AdobePhotoShop Info File.