Berkshire Waterfall by Jan & Christy Butler

Parker Brook Falls. (450K / 250K)

Savoy State Forest. Savoy, MA

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Parker Brook Falls is a bonus for those visiting Tannery Falls. Although, just 100 yards adjacent to Tannery Falls, it's often missed being recessed back in a slanted rocky ravine. Parker Brook was once dammed to harness water power and runs parallel to Ross Brook which feeds Tannery Falls. Following the trail from the parking lot, a series of staked stairs provides a terrific walk next to Ross Brook, to the brink of Tannery Falls and continues down the steep hillside to Tannery Falls base. At the bottom of the hillside steps, turn and look back to see Parker Brook Falls. This is a popular location, but never crowded.
Access to Parker Brook Falls during Winter months is enhanced by the many snowmobilers who frequent the area. Their useage maintains a packed walkway from either end of Tannery Road to the parking lot and trail entry. However, arrival to this point, crampons, snowshoes or good boots and gators are essential equipment. Of course common sense applies also. Tannery Falls, while the steepest, often ices completely over. In contrast, water flow often continues cascading over Parker Brook Falls creating a Winter wonderland scenerio.

GPS  Coordinates

42° 37' 025'' N

73° 00' 012 W


1424 ft. above sea level


Free public access.

Moderate hiking on woodland trail.

Public parking and trail head.

No fires or camping. Swimming not applicable.

( Savoy State Forest Campground nearby ).