Berkshire Photos by Jan & Christy Butler

Tannery Falls.

Savoy State Forest. Savoy, MA (440K)

Tannery Falls is often mention as the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts. However, I'm not sure what criteria is used to determine that comment. It certainly approaches a continuous vertical drop of 100 plus feet and is the tallest among DCR properties, (Bash Bish Falls approaches 80 feet.) Yet, I feel a contender for title of Massachusetts "tallest" waterfall is Bear Rock Falls in Mt Washington State Forest. Again, what criteria may be question. For sure, during the Spring run off or from other periods of deluged rain fall, the noted sections of Upper, Middle and Lower of Bear Rock Falls are definately one tall and long impressive waterfall! Another waterfall that could be considered is the left side of Twin Cascades in Florida, MA. Just a reminder about safety at Tannery Falls. Access is very easy and there are cabled railings around the brink of the falls. The cables are there to prevent one from falling with certain death or injury. Yet, people still persist to climb up the falls from the bottom. The wet, mossy rocks are very slippery and several falls requiring EMT's and medicvac have occured. Death has happen here from falls, not drownings. The good news is that if your visiting Tannery Falls, you also get to Visit Parker Brook Falls only 100 yards away!
GPS  Coordinates

42° 37' 027'' N

73° 00' 012'' W


1273 ft. above sea level


Moderate hiking on woodland trail/fire road.

Public parking with trail head.

No fires or camping.

Swimming not applicable