Bear Rock Falls (lower)

Mt. Washington, MA 430K

The main problem with the lower segment of these fall is access. There is no trail head to the lowest end of the falls. To begin with, access to the top falls requires a lengthy hike from East Street, skirting through Sage's Ravine or from Race Brook Falls and hooking up with the Appalachian Trail. Once to the upper falls, bushwhacking down the steep hillside and woodlands to view the middle and lower segments will test ones stamina and strength of relationships. Did I mention ticks. Do a tick check after this hike due to the bushwhacking nature of this local. Now, if you do witness all 3 segments of these falls at their most impressive spectacle, I feel you'll agree that the challenges were worth every drop of sweat and you'll give yourself one of those mental merit badges for the encounter
GPS Coordinates

42° 03' 42" NN.....73° 26' 06" W


1102 ft. above sea level


Difficult to access due to posted property or parking ban. Town of Mt. Washington has strict enforcement for violation of ignoring no parking posting. In any event, you can get there, see below for directions. Camping and fires are permitted nearby on the Appalachian Trail on Laurel Ridge but check for seasonal fire permission with Massachusetts Fish and Games or Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. No camping permitted above falls, restoration of area in progress. Swimming is not applicable.

Bear Rock Falls (middle)

Bear Rock Falls (upper)