Bear Rock Falls (upper)
Actually, access to the upper falls is the easiest. Being located not that far from the YMCA camp property which has a trail spur that joins the Appalachian Trail. Off season I have seeked and received permission to park on their property for a day visit to the falls. Otherwise, a longer hike will be experienced with access from the north via Race Brook Falls and down the AT or up the AT from the south via Sage's Ravine. A lower point of view of the upper falls and access to the middle or lower falls, requires one to transverse the steep hill side with no obvious trail network. Slow going both up or down to reach a suitable vantage point. Just follow the water to reach the lower segements. Just a reminder that "down" means a longer return up to the top. There is no trail head or parking off Rt-41 and is buffered by posted private property signs.