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Berkshire County This program is supported in parts by Grants from the Local Cultural Councils of Northern Berkshire, Pittsfield, Dalton, Sheffield, Hinsdale-Peru, Richmond, Egremont-Alford, Windsor, Lee, Stockbridge, Sandisfield, Tyringham, and Washington Local Cultural Councils, local agencies supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency."

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Photographs and Operation Contributions
First, thank you very much for your interest to keep the "Veterans ShoeBox Photos" project afloat. My quest was to gather from the greatest number of veterans, the greatest number of personal photos and documents that represent many of the various historical, social cultures and technological eras gone by. Photographed or collected by those who served while in the military around the globe and inadvertently captured prominent personalities, vintage aircraft and other human interest perspectives .
Secondly, the "ShoeBox Photos" contributors CD-R contains a HTML presentation that mirrors and expands the web site with over 4,500 images. Plus, a Power Point presentation of selected images in full screen , hi-resolution images is also included.
In agreement with the many Local Cultural Councils who supported this project, is the creation of a CD-R disc archive donated this year to the public libraries within each city or town of participating L.C.C.'s. In addition, after 3 years of funding, alternative forms of financing the project must be explored. The "ShoeBox Photos" disc is offered as a gift to donors who select to support the project.
With a check for twenty dollars you'll receive this CD-R disc and will be supporting the continuance of the "ShoeBox Photos" project. Funds will be applied to the present ISP Domain and Server fees, administration expenses of archiving photos and for equipment or software upgrades. Future equipment such as a video projector is desired for classroom, civic organization or public presentation.
Public libraries receiving the CD-R include Pittsfield, Alford, Egremont, Dalton, Hinsdale-Peru, Lee, Hancock, Lanesboro, Richmond, Sandisfield, Adams, North Adams, Cheshire, Florida, Savoy Clarksburg, Williamstown, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washington and Windsor, Massachusetts.
" Berkshire Veterans ShoeBox Photos "
Name __________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________
Phone# or e-mail _________________________________________________________
Number of CD's ____ desired X $20.00 for a contribution of _______ dollars.
Shipping and handling included. Check or money order remitted to:
Mr. Christy N.Butler.
30 Crest Drive. Cheshire MA 01225.
(413) 743-4326 chrisjan@berkshirephotos.com
HTML Presentation
The contributors "ShoeBox Photos" CD presentation is in 2 parts. A HTML web format that mirrors the "ShoeBox Photos" web site and requires a web browser such as (what your using now) Netscape 4.5 or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Thankfully, these browsers are usually installed onto your computer hard drive, on its "Start Up/Restore" disc or obtained freely from their download section of their respective web sites.
If your browser does not automatically load the initial "index.html" you must locate this file on the CD. Using your browser such as Netscape4.5 in the browser, you must open the
File menu, select "open page. Locate the CD file: ShoeBoxPhotos01/SB2000/index.html or locate the html file: SB2000StartHereIndex.html in the root directory of the CD.
Microsoft Power Point Presentation
The Microsoft Power Point presentation requires the installation of the Power Point Viewer. This viewer program is supplied on the disc and can be loaded directly off the disc onto your "programs files." The "PPview97.exe "will automatically open and follow instructions to load onto your hard drive. Once the viewer is functional, open the Power Point Viewer and return to the CD-R root menu. Locate TV2000/ double click on Index.ppt or select "Show." The Power Point presentation enables the viewer to see the full screen images in a variety of categories. It will advance manually, upon each mouse click or automatically every 10 seconds within selected categories.
Computer Requirements.
Your computer should contain Windows 95, 98 or 2000 and a video card set for 800x600, 24 bit color. The "ShoeBox Photos" performance and layout uses a "html" format that responses to various browsers, monitor screen size and CD-player speed with slight differences. If you experience problems please notify me through the web site www.shoeboxphotos.net or e-mail butts@bcn.net



All screens best viewed in 800x600 resolution and utilize a  progressive JPEG  format. Photos are encoded with copyright, and information in Adobe Photoshop Info File.

Comments, Corrections, Contributions Welcomed.

Christy Butler **** (413) 743-4326 **** chrisjan@berkshirephotos.com