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Aircraft No other development during the 20th Century altered military strategy like the airplane. Aircraft for reconnaissance, transportation, strategic bombing, and combat support developed within all branches of military during WWII, accelerated into the age of jet propulsion and hasn't stopped.
Armor & Artillery The advent of high grade nitro powder ballistics,coupled with self-propelled vehicles sheathed in steel, replaced the role of horse drawn artillery. Also included here is the role of trucks, jeeps and armored personal carriers essential to military logistics.
Helicopters are remarkable aircraft featuring no fixed wing, hovering and landing in small landing zones instead of runways. Originally piston engine driven "choppers" were heavy and incapable of carrying much in armament. Development of more powerful engines and turbines quickly transferred their roles from just observation roles to providing tactical support, submarine detection or destruction, ferrying troops into combat and medical evacuation.
Historical Events happen and history is born. The military took part in many of these events during war time and peacetime. Liberation of Prisoners of War, Peace Treaty signing and exploration of remote areas.
Prominent People Hollywood stars, Admirals, Generals, Politicians and Organizations such as the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, has always been present in the military experience. Nimtz, Nixon and Nappy Lamar's Orchestra, plus a few unknown performers. Visit here and see if you can identify them.
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