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Military by Branch of Service

U.S. Air Force

Butler Christy U.S.A.F.-366 Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Vietnam 1971-1972
Bissell George H. Air Force-444th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 1952-1956
Cadman Wilfred L.Jr USAF- MATS, 9th Air Force, Hicham Field, Hawaii, 1949-1952
Culpepper Terry U.S.A.F.-438 & 439th Combat Support Groups 1981-1998
Dowling Albert U.S.A.F.-35th Security Police, Vietnam 1970-1971
DuPont Aileen A. Army/USAF 103rd Evacuation Hospital, WWII & Korea War.
Emery John U.S.A.F.-1938th MAC Squadron, Island of Guam 1972-1976
Henderek John USAF-377th CSG Avionics Squadron, Ton Son Nhun, Vietnam 1970-1971
Johnson Ed U.S.A.F.-Vietnam, Thailand 1969-1971
Kirchner Alfred G. USAF-67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Kimpo K-14, Korea 1954-1957
Mickle William III U.S.A.F.-377th Air Police, Vietnam 1966-1967
Peters Wolfgang W. USAF-317th CAMS, 322nd Air Division.Evreux Air Base, France,1956-1959
Russo "Torben" Anthony USAF-412th Weapons Testing Squadron. Edwards AFB, CA 1994-1998
Thurston Norman A. USAF-16th,18th, 29th Weather Sqd, Europe,N.Africa, Azores 1953-1957

U.S. Army and Army Air Corps


Abele Warren F. Army-33rd Armor Engineer Battalion, 7th Armor Division. WWII 1942-1945
Andersen Roy M. U.S Army Air Corps - WWII , Korea - 8th Bomb Sqd, 3rd Bomb Grp. 5th Air Force.
Atkinson Theodore M. Army-849th Ordnance Depot Company, WWII1 944-1946.
Bakalyan William Army-224th RCT, 40th Infantry, Korea 1951-1952
Barnum Milton Army-Headquarters,375th Field Artillery, 100th Infantry, WWII 1942-1945
Bergeron Pete Army-Navy U.S.S. Leftwich-Kuwait 1986-1990
Bertelli Ed Army-150th Transportation Company, Germany 1964-1967
Bradley William T. Army-809th Engineer Bn. Thailand 1967-1968.
Brassard Arthur F. Army-989th Engineer Squadron, Okinawa 1945-1946
Brule Arthur W. Army- 5th Regimental Combat Team, Korea, 1950-1953
Bubriski Alexander S. Army-North Africa-Italy. WWII 1943-1945
Bubriski Stanley Army-824th Amphibian Truck Company, WWII Pacific 1943-1946
Bubriski William Army- First Service Command, Headquarters, Military Police, Boston, MA 1942-1945
Casey Kenneth A. Army-176th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division WWII 1942-1944
Calebaugh George D. Army Air Corps- 865th Combat Engineers Aviation Battalion, WWII 1943-1946.
Chipman Stuart L. Army-"Hourglass Division" 7th Infantry, Camp Casey, South Korea.1967-1969
Cutler Alton W. Army-356th Field Artillery, 94th Infantry, 3rd Army. WWII-Europe 1943-1946
Derby Paul Army-Korea, 1976-1980
Delaney Leo Army-264th Transportation Co., Vietnam 1969-1970
Denault Daniel Army-4th Inf.1st Co.12th Inf Div., Vietnam 1968-1969
Ellis John H. Army-805th Engineering Bn. Saipan, Okinawa, iE Shima, WWII 1942-1945
English Eugene J. Army-68th Armor Artillery Bn, 109th Field Artillery Bn, Texas, Germany 1951-1953
Ensign John F. Army-11th Armored Infantry Battalion, WWII 1944-1946
Fiorini John J. Army-163rd Chemical Division, Bassac, France 1953-1955
Fiorini Leo J. Army-Headquarters, 169th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Inf.Div.Germany 1952-1954
Fiorini Michael F. Army-Joint Task Force Security, Johnston Atoll 1968-1970
Fletcher Neil Army-77th Infantry Division, 105th Military Government, Japan 1945-1946
Flynn Robert C. Army-45th "Thunderbird's" Infantry Division, WWII, Anzio 1942-1945
Fox Lawrence E. Army-Company-K,21st Infantry, 24th Infantry Division, Korea 1954-1956
Galant Philip G. Army-89th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry. 1941-1945
Giroux Clifford Army-40th Military Police, 3rd Armor Division, Korea 1951-1953
Goethe Edward C. Army Air Corps, 389th Service Squadron, WWII-Pacific 1943-1946
Green Martha F. Army Nurse Corps, 312th, 91st Evacuation Hospital, Vietnam 1968-1969
Halford Charles R. Army-1st Battalion, 16th Infantry, Mechanized, Germany 1976-1978
Haviland Peter Army-Bravo Co., 1st Infantry Div. Quarter Cavalry, Vietnam 1968-1969
Hever Richard Army-25th Infantry, 25th Regiment, Headquarters, Korea 1951-1953
Hover Kenneth P. Army-363rd ADD, 165th AVN Gp. Vietnam 1968-1970
Illingworth George Army-"Blackfoot Platoon",1st Cavalry, Vietnam 1969-1970
Jelley J.James Army- 1279th Engineers Combat Battalion, WWII, Philippines
Johnson Elmer W. Army-3rd of the 82nd Artillery, Vietnam 1968-1969
Johnson Ralph R. Jr. Army-Air Corps, Aviation /Bombardier Cadet 1943-1945
Katz Samuel Army- 149th Engineer Combat Battalion, WWII 1944-1945
Kelly William J. Army-Military Police Europe 1944-1946
Kellogg Dominick J. Army-Co B,32nd Armor,3rd Armor Division,Active Reserves 1956-1983
Kirby Robert Army-1st Signal Brigade, Vietnam 1969-1971
Kittredge Charles J. Army-American Expeditionary Forces, 301st Engineers, France 1917-1919
Krakta John F. Army-Infantry Radioman, Army Drum and Bugle Corps, Europe 1943-1945
Mawhinney Glenn Army-273rd Assault Support Helicopter Co. Vietnam 1967-1969
McCoy Donald H. Army-Company C, 397th Combat Engineer, 7th Army. WWII 1943-1946
Mickle William Jr. Army-Military Police, WWII 1941-1946
Murray Harold J. Army Air Corps-35th & 44th Air Supply, 8th & 9th Air Force1942-1946
Oaks Howard Army-BatteryC, 512th Field Artillery Bn, 4th Armor, 3rd Army 1941-1945
Poland Douglas G. Army-Radio/Morse Code Interceptor. S. Korea 1952-1955
Pratt Ron Army-Alpha Battery,44th Artillery, 4th Battalion, Korea 1968-1969
Riley Charles Army-South Pacific WWII
Sacco Anthony Sr. Army Air Corps-8th Air Force, 303rd Bomber Group, 359th Sqd. 1942-1945
Sacco Tony Army-554th Engineers, Vietnam 1966-1967
Shay Ruben W. Army Career, Special Operations Group-Laos. WWII, Koera, Vietnam 1941-1972
Sherry James F. Army Air Corps-Europe and North Africa 1941-1944
Shindler Hyman Army Air Corps,-Miami WWII 1942-1944
Shindler Robert G. Army, 776th Anti Aircraft&Artillery, Auto-Weapons Battalion ,WWII 1943-1946
Shmulsky Alexander A. Army-515th Parachute Infantry, 13th Airborne Division, 82 Airborne 1944-1945
Simkin Stanley Dr. Army-261st Amphibious Medical Battalion, Europe 1942-1945
Simmons Jeffrey J. Army-Charlie Co. 60th Inf. 5th Bn. 9th Div. Rach Kien, Vietnam 1969-1970
Simmons Ralph T.Army Air Corps-595th Signal Aircraft Warning Bn,New Guinea,Philippines,WWII 1943-1946
Somes Melvin Army-619th Ordnance Special Weapons Depot, Germany 1968-1971
Stickles Charles Army-2nd Plt, A Co. 2nd Bn. 60th Inf, 9th Inf. Div. Vietnam 1969-1970
Sturtevant George B. Army-411th BaseShop Engineer Bn.Australia, South Pacific WWII 1942-1945
Talarico Anthony Army-8th Port of Embarkation, WWII, N.Africa/Italy 1942-1945
Tirrell Morris W. Army-"Satan's Sister" 399th Inf. Cannon Div.,100th Div. 7th Army, WWII 1942-1945
Whipple Robert J. Army- 3rd of the 37th Field Artillery, Germany 1960-1963
Whitney David Army-212th Security Police, K-9, Vietnam 1969-1970
Wisniewski Alexander Army/Army Air Corps-7th Field Artillery/ 303 Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, WWII 1936-1944
Ziarnick William Army- 363th Ordnance, WWII Okinawa 1943-1946

U.S. Marine Corps

Carmon Warren Marines-CAPS, 3rd Amphibious Division, Vietnam 1970-1971
Dupras Richard Marines-"K-4-12", 3rd Marine Division, Vietnam 1967-1968
English Vincent R. Marines-2nd Battalion, 8th Marines 1995-1999
Hunt Frederick Marines-9th Marines, Vietnam 1965-1966
Flint Daniel E. Marines-1st Marine Div, 3rd Marines, Okinawa, Vietnam, Thailand, 1969-1972
Kelley Gerald F. Marines-1st Marine Division, Headquarters, Korea 1952-1954
King Harold R. "Bob" Marines-VOM-2, MAG-16, Camp Gifu, Japan 1952-1955
Kutlate William H. Marines-Marine Air Group 31 (MAG-31), WWII-Pacific, Okinawa 1943-1946
Leskovitz Frank Sr. Marines- Career 1924-1949
View over 420 U.S. Marines Combat Photographers
photographs saved by Frank Leskovitz Sr.
Lindley John F. Marines- Marine Air Group-12 (MAG-12) Vietnam, Chu Lai 1962-1966
Morse Floyd J. Marines-2nd Marine Division, South Pacific, WWII 1943-1945
Plude William Marines-2nd Bn, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division. Guantanamo Bay, Vietnam 1966-1971
Roche Raymond M. Marines-Marine Aircraft Group II, DaNang RVN. 1965-1966
Rivers Raymond E Marines-2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Vietnam 1968-1969
Spiewak Leonard R. Marines-3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Division, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 1964-1968
Waldheim Robert Marines-3rd Marines, 9th Division,K-3/9 Vietnam 1967-1968

U.S. Navy and Coast Guard

Bartlett Robert G. Navy- Torpedo Mate, USS Bluefish-(SS-222) South Pacific, WWII 1943-1946
Bator Francis T. Navy-U.S.S.Sequachie (AOG21) Saipan-IwoJima 1943-1945
Boyle John F. Navy- LST 139, WWII-Europe 1943-1945
Bubriski Harry Navy- Construction Battalion, "Seabee's" WWII, Aleutian Islands, 1942-1945
Caird Ian David Navy-USS Borie (DD-704), DaNang, RVN 1967-1970
Casey Daniel K. Navy-USS NorthHampton, USS Lake Champlain 1963-1967
Clucas "Gus" Charles Navy-USS Santee (VSG-29) USS Wasp (VT-86) WWII 1942-1945
Donnelly John J. Navy-VC-11 Squadron, WWII, U.S.S.Boxer, Korea, 1944-1946
Fiorini Anthony Coast Guard-North Atlantic WWII 1943-1946
Hale Laura "Mattie" Army/Navy-Gulf War/Navy-McMurdo Antarctica 1990-1995
Gattuso Gary A. Navy-U.S.S. Albany, North Atlantic-Caribbean, Cuba
Giroux Frank Navy-USS Jacob Ruppert, Antarctic Expedition II 1933-19351968-1970
Kenyon Ralph E. Navy- USS Norris, USS Jallao, USS Tigrone, 1960-1981
Mochon Brian A. Navy-USS Bayfield(APA-33), USS Union (AKA-106) WWII 1945-1948
Scharwzer Ralph A. Navy-USS Walke, Bryce Canyon and Forrest Sherman 1957-1969
Schroeder Walter W. Navy-USS South Dakota, USS Missouri, South Pacific WWII 1942-1946
Shears Edwin A. Navy "SeaBee's"- 521st CBMU, Talagi, Okinawa 1943-1946
Sherry-Rotolo Marie A. Navy Waves- Corpsman Pharmacist Mate, Norfolk,Va. 1945-1949
Sherry Marguerite A. Navy Waves, R.N. Nurse. WWII, 1942-1945, Korean War 1952-1954
Tetreault Robert E. Navy- U.S.S. Juneau (LPD-10) 1986-1990
Vadnais Lawrence Navy Air Corps-Avenger Squadron VC-33, WWII 1943-1946
Westcott Samuel Jr. Navy-U.S.S. Canisteo, Antarctic Expedition "High Jump"1946-1948
Wood David M. Navy- U.S.S. George Washington (CVN-73) 1996-1998
Wisniewski Boleslaw Navy/ Army- USS Chester/ 431th AAA of the 44th AAA Brigade, WWII 1936-1945
Wisniewski Stanley Navy- Floyd Bennett field, Brooklyn, New York 1943-1945
Ziobro Mark J. Navy-TienShaw Ramp DaNang, YRBM-16 Can Thau 1969-1970


Williamstown House of Local History Civil War, 1861-1865
Dalton Historical Commission - Kittredge Charles J. Army-American Expeditionary Forces, France 1917-1919
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