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United States Armor/Artillery.

Armored Personel Carriers


M-8 "Armored Car"
M-113 "Armored Personnel Carrier"
V100/V200/M706 "Commando"
"Other Armored Personnel Carriers"



M-1906 "Field Gun 4.7in "
M-1 "Howitzer 155mm/203mm"
M1/M2/M2A1/M101/M102 "Howitzer 105mm"
M-1 "Anti-Aircraft 90mm"
M-3 "Anti-Tank 37mm"
M-3 " Howitzer 105mm"
M-7 "Priest" - Self-Propelled Howitzer 105mm
M-109 "Self-Propelled Howitzer 155mm"
M-107/110 "Self-Propelled Howitzer 175mm/203mm"



Renault FT-17
Tank M-2
M-4 "General Sherman"
M-26 "General Pershing"
M-46/47/48 "General Patton"
M-50 "Ontos"
M-551 "General Sheridan"
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