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V100/200/M706 Light Armored Vehicle "Commando"

Built by Cadillac-Gauge Company in the early 1960's, the V-100 "Commando" was a fast and maneuverable armored escort, reconnaissance and patrol vehicle. Designated as the M706, a LAV Light Armored Vehicle by the U.S. Army, it found immediate usage during the Vietnam War for perimeter patrol of U.S. Air Force air bases, escorting Army supply convoys and for counter-insurgency protection of fuel and ammunition depots. The original V-100 had a Chrysler V-8 gasoline engine driving 4X4 tires. This was upgrade in the V-200 "Commando" to a V-8 diesel engine that generated 200 hp and provided a maximum speed of 55 mph with a range of 400 miles.
The M706 "Commando" was configured with either a 3/4 or fully enclosed turret and armed with a 20mm cannon, a single .50 caliber or dual .30 caliber machine guns. It is usually operated by a crew of (5) a driver, machine gunner and a detachment of (3) tactical or infantry troops. Access to the interior is through (2) side doors, and a turret or rear hull hatch. Firing portals and view points are located at prominent locations around the chassis. Having amphibious capability the "Commando" could forge shallow streams or rivers. Over 3,500 units had been manufactured by 1971. At that time, the larger V-150 was introduced with increased armament options such as TOW missiles and 20mm Vulcan mini-guns.


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