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M-113 "Armored Personnel Carrier"

The M-113, APC, Armored Personnel Carrier, was designed in the mid-1950's as a armored tracked, light weight, amphibious infantry vehicle. Manufactured since the early 1960's, over 70,000 units have been built for the United States or exported to other countries. It serves in many variants armed with .50 and .30 caliber machine guns, 20mm cannon, mortars, flame-throwers, anti-aircraft and TOW, Tube launched, Optically guided, Wire controlled missiles. Powered by a 215 hp, diesel engine its maximum land speed is 40 mph with an amphibious speed of 4 knots. Its maximum land operational range is 300 miles. A low gross weight of 25,000 lbs, allows aircraft transportation or it can be airlifted slung beneath helicopters such as the Sikorsky CH-54 to remote areas.
Early criticism focused on the lack of protective armor for the machine gunners atop of the original M-113 APC. Deployment in the Vietnam War found the addition of a 3/4 protective turret for its center .50 caliber machine gunner and shields for its side .30 caliber machine gunners. Another noted deficiency was for the lack of portals for the 10 infantry troops it could carry and their ability to return fire from within. The addition of (1) firing port in the front and (2) firing ports from the rear compartment were added to the hull without compromising their amphibious or NBC Nuclear, Biological Chemical warfare capability.


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