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M-1 Howitzer 155mm/203mm


During World War I, the U.S. Army recognized America's lack of field artillery and the industrial state of readiness for its manufactured. After World War I, the U.S. Army from their experiences with British 203mm or 8 inch howitzer in France, began their development of a variety of artillery armament. By 1940, based on their World War I allies 203 mm caliber, the M-1, 203mm , 8" howitzer was manufactured utilizing its towed (8) wheeled transport carriage as the same carriage mount for the the M-1, 155mm-6.1 inch howitzer. The out come was a reputable and accurate artillery piece which served in WWII campaigns through Europe. Its 16 foot, 203 mm barrel, fired a 200lb explosive projectile at 1,950 feet per second and had a effective range of 18,500 yards. After WWII it had the capability to fire a nuclear projectile.


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