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John F. Boyle U.S. Navy, WWII 1943-1945
England, France LST 139
Robert C. Flynn U.S. Army, WWII 1942-1945
45th "Thunderbird's" Infantry Division
Norman Thurston U.S. Air Force, 1953-1957
16th, 18th, 29th Weather Squadrons
Germany, N. Africa, Lajes Field in the Azores


Morris W. Tirrell U.S. Army, WWII 1942-1945
"Satan's Sister" 105mm Howitzers
399th Infantry Cannon Company
100th "Century Division" 7th Army
George B. Sturtevant U.S. Army, WWII 1942-1945
411st BaseShop Engineer Battalion
Cairns, Australia. Millen Bay, New Guinea
Batangas, Luzon, Philippines
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