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Consolidated B-24 "Liberator"

The B-24 "Liberator" was the greatest mass produced bomber manufactured during WWII. Over 18,000 aircraft were constructed in 15 various configurations. Although considered a heavy bomber with a maximum range of 2,000 miles, it was also utilized as a long rang cargo plane, reconnaissance, oceanic and anti-submarine patrol aircraft. Armed with (11).50 caliber machine guns in waist, nose, aft, and dorsal turrets its fighter-bomber role is credited with downing 2,600 enemy aircraft. As a bomber its long range 8,000 lb payload or 12,600 lbs with reduce fuel load at shorter ranges saw action in all theaters during WWII. Most notable of these missions was the continual assault on the Concordi Vega oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania during August 1943 to June 1944.

Powered by (4) 1,200 hp Pratt-Whitney radial engines the B-24 "Liberator" was rapidly designed in 1939 with the first prototype flying after the start of WWII. Unique prior to its construction was the wing design by David R. Davis for a flying boat, it had only been "wind tunnel" tested. The wing was to have 15-25% less air drag and proved successful in full scale production as a bomber. Despite innovative and focused engineering the "Liberator" was not a easy aircraft to fly. Even after long training periods pilots found the stability difficult to maintain and its lift at take off with full capacity was marginal, with many pilots preferring the Boeing B-17.


Edward Goethe, Housatonic, MA photographed various aircraft as he served with the 389th Air Service Squadron of the 5th Air Corps, Ed island hopped from Australia to Layte of the Philippine Islands. The photographs here preserved these classic images of "Nose Art"



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