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Convair B-36 "Inter-Continental Bomber"

Development of a large heavy inter-continental bomber with the ability to reach distant targets from military bases in the United States began in April 1941. The Convair B-36B was an unique design with the first having (6) 3,500 hp, mounted on the rear of the wings as pushers. It had a large capacity of 10,000 lbs at a range of of several thousand miles,a cruising speed of 350 mp and a wing span of 230 feet. However, its payload capacity at shorter ranges was a whopping 73,000 lbs. Other unique features include wings that were large enough to allow maintenance access to each engine during flight, armament of (6) retractable twin 20mm cannons turrets in the fuselage and (2) 20mm cannons in the nose and tail.

The maximum air speed for the B-36 was 410 mph at an maximum altitude of 40,000 feet. None of the B-36's flew in service during WWII, the 1st B-38A prototype flew in August 1946. Manufactured for 7 years, approximately (300) B-36A to H variants were manufactured as bombers, transports, reconnaissance and specialty aircraft for scientific and military development until ceasing production in August 1954. Improvement and alterations included pairs of jet engine thrusters mounted on the wing tips in 1950. Each of the (6) radial engines were increased to 3,800 hp and the landing gear had the single tire replaced with a a sets of four on each landing strut.



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