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Douglas A-26/B-26 "Invader"

The Douglas B-26 "Invader" first flew during WWII in July 1942. Its purpose was to replace the Douglas A-20 "Havoc" the latter being designed in 1937 when military tactics foresaw attack aircraft in a more stationary military defense role. The Army Air Corps, Douglas "Invader" increased maximum air speed, payload range as a bomber, has abilities as a night-fighter and tactical aircraft support to ground troops. Powered by (2) 2,000 hp engines, an airspeed of 375 mph and a maximum range of 1,400 miles the "Invader" while still not perfect as a direct tactical ground support aircraft, was better suited in this role than the "Havoc." Armed with (6) .50 caliber machine guns, the ability to carry (10) rockets upon the wings or a total of 6,000 lbs of bombs. The Douglas A-26 "Invader" was well utilized in both Europe and the Pacific Islands against shipping and smaller stationary objectives where the larger B-17 bomber were not suitable. Another significant change in the design was that of the fuselage. The fuselage of the "Havoc" was narrow and required the crew members to sit in stationary positions. In the event the pilot was incapacitated, control of the "Havoc" was not obtainable by the other crewman with "bail out" the only option. In the A-26 "Invader" the navigator was situated in the cockpit and could acquire control of the aircraft if needed.




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