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Fairchild A-10 "Thunderbolt II"

Competitive design for a low and slow aircraft with close-up combat support for ground troops began in 1967. The USAF selected the Fairchild A-10 "Thunderbolt II" specifications with their 1st prototype flown in May 1972. Production began in 1975 with over 700 being constructed prior to ceasing manufacture in 1983 because of defense budget cuts. The "Thunderbolt" is also known as the "Wart hog" and has a distinctive style of two rear mounted General Electric turbofan engines each providing 9,000 lbs of thrust. Its maximum air speed is 440 mph and a range of only 290 miles. Low air speed and altitude maneuverability while heavily loaded with armament is superb. The A-10 is heavily protected from ground fire with redundant flight and fire control systems, titanium resistive armored plating for calibers up to 20mm, bullet proof canopy, self sealing fuel tanks, lines and other engine systems. It is designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicals by its 30mm, 7 barrel cannon that fires 1.5 lb armor piecing projectiles at a rate of 4,200 rounds per minute. It also has a 16,000 lb capacity to deliever incendiary, conventional or laser guided bombs, "Maverick " missiles, dispense illumination flares, radar jamming chaff or carry other counter-electronic jamming pods. The A-10 quickly distinguished itself with superb performance in troop support and armor destruction during operation "Desert Storm" and "Desert Shield"


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