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Fairchild C-119 "Flying Box Car"

During WWII, Fairchild was asked by the U.S. Army Air Corps to develop a utility aircraft that was reliable like the C-47 "Skytrain" and had the cargo capacity and range of the C-54 "Skymaster." In response, Fairchild proposed the C-119, dubbed "Flying Box Car." The C-119,could accommodate a maximum of 77 people, 50 medic-evacuation casualties or 45 paratroopers . Powered by twin 3,500 hp, 18 cylinder radial engines, it had a maximum speed of 200 mph, a payload capacity exceeding 28,000 lbs and range of 2,200 miles. A distinctive set of twin booms and rudders with retractable landing gear.



Operating with a crew of (5), the C-119 was unique with a large wide cargo bay with two rear doors that readily allowed loading or unloading of items such as jeeps or howitzers. While unable to be produced for operations during WWII it was utilized during the Korean war by the U.S. Army Airborne and later during the Vietnam War, the C-119G became an armed offensive "Gunship" armed with (4) Vulcan .30 caliber mini cannons, a 20 mm cannon and a flare launcher or search light.




The C-119 did provide the reliability of the C-47 and improved its range while exceeding the C-54 cargo versatility. During the 1950's the USAF Military Air Transpiration (MAT) C-119 in conjunction with the U.S. Army, was a primary aircraft in training for rapid deployment and supply of armed forces in a military offensive role.






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