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Grumman S-2 "Tracker"/ E-1 "Tracer"


The Grumman S-2 "Tracker" was designed in the early 1950's for Naval Anti-Submarine Warfare, (ASW) as an aircraft carrier based hunter/destroyer aircraft. Entering Naval service in 1954, its avionics of radar, sonar and long range acoustical detection equipment could locate the elusive submarine and with a munition payload of depth charges, bombs or torpedo's destroy it. During the 1950's with the Cold War a reality, the "Tracker" was essential to the security of Naval fleets on all oceans of the globe. Powered by twin 1,500 hps radial engines, it had a maximum air speed of 265 mph, a range of 1,300 miles and a flight aloft time of 9 hours.


A variant of the Grumman S-1 "Tracker" was the Grumman E-1 "Tracer" which sported a large communications and radar housing over the fuselage. Its role operated as a Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft in the late 1950's providing "friend or foe" detection and communications between aircraft or ships.




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