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Lockheed C-5 "Galaxy"

In 1965, the U.S. Air Force seeked a larger cargo transport with a load capacity greater than the present day Lockheed C-141 "Starlifter" yet with the ability to operate globally on present day air fields for take-offs and landings. First flown in June 1968 , the U.S Air Force Military Airlift Command (MAC) took delievy of the first (80) C-5 's in December 1969. Appearance of the C-5 "Galaxy" is similar to the C-141, although much larger in size. Powered by (4) General Electric Turbofan Jet engines each with 41,000 lbs of thrust, the C-5 has a maximum air speed of 520 mph and a range of 6,500 miles. Compared to the C-141 the gross take-off weight increased from 340,000 lbs to an incredible 770,000 lbs. Its cargo areas are accessible via rear ramps and the nose hydraulically lifts for access from the front. Immediate usage during the Vietnam War was very successful with troops labeling the C-5 as "Fat Albert' for it's ability to bring just about anything ,delivered anywhere, for on going operations. During the 1970's premature metal fatigue in its wings required a recall and modifications for (150) C-5's in service. These redesignated "Galaxy's" that had the modified wing structure is the present day C-5A.



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