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McDonnell-Douglas F-4 "Phantom"

Design of the F-4 "Phantom" an all weather attack fighter, began in 1955 with it's first flight in May, 1958. Powered by twin after-burning jet engines each having a thrust of 17,000 lbs. Of that era, the "Phantom" was unmatched by any other aircraft except the Russian Mig-21. the "Phantom" was the first jet fighter that could detect and destroy a target by a self contained radar fire control system. Armed with a forward mounted 20mm rotary cannon pod, (4) "Sparrow" air to air missiles and over 12,000 lbs of other aerial weapons, the "Phantom" had a range of 1,500 miles or 600 miles with a long 2 hour hang time.


Over 3,500 F-4 "Phantoms" would be manufactured for the U.S Air Force and Navy before they ceased production in 1979. Its record breaking altitude of 98,500 ft and speed records at high altitude of 1,606 mph (MACH 2.25) and 902 mph at low altitude, served as a "bird of prey" a deterring factor during the Cold War. During the Vietnam War its service as a tactical offensive aircraft is well documented in sorties with close support to combat troops and the escort fighter protection of B-52's over North Vietnam from bases in Thailand, South Vietnam and Naval aircraft carriers.


Its versatile aircraft role during middle east and Desert Storm conflicts continued in photographic and electronic reconnaissance or as the "Weasel" with counter-electronic warfare the jamming of enemy radar defense, communication and fire control systems.








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